Casino Chips

Poker chips, also known as tokens, are a pivotal part of most online and offline casino games. Almost all expert card players know the draw and sound of a shuffle by heart, and in some cases, the sound of chips frantically clicking together is more than enough to send a lot of players’ hearts racing with much excitement and thrill. But have you at any point stopped to think about the casino chip you are about to start playing? Here is an insight to all you need to know about poker chips from their history to colour variations and use.

casino chips

History of Casino Chips

During the early stages of poker in the 19th century, players made use of various small valuable objects. In some cases, players may make use of jagged gold pieces, gold dust, coins or gold nuggets as chips. Sometimes chips mainly made of bone; paper, wood, ivory and a mix of shellac and clay were used. Between the 1880s to the late 1930s casino many companies made chips with clay compositions. With more than a thousand designs to choose from, most chips come in white, blue, red or yellow, although the chips can be created in any colour desired.

Casino chips, over the years, have graduated from being made with only clay. Since the 1950s, the chips are created with a mix of clay and other earth materials, which are considered to be much stronger than clay. These days there are chips made from ceramic materials, acrylic and the likes. Nonetheless, there are still some chip sets made entirely with clay depending on what you are going for and your budget. Also, you can find chips made from plastic if you are looking for a less expensive set of chips for your private casino game tournament or family game night.

Facts About Casino Chips

facts about casino chipsWhen it comes to casino chips there are some fun facts that you probably already know, as these are not secrets in the casino world. The first fun fact is that, casino chips often come in standard sizes with US chips having a standard size of 39mm while chips produced in Europe has a standard of 40mm.

Another fun fact is that you can fit up to 20 in a rack if they are standard size chips. Also, the term “blue-chip stocks” was coined from that fact that the blue-coloured chips come with the highest value of the coloured variation.

  • Casino chips’ sizes are often standardised
  • They are usually made with either clay or plastic

Use of Casino Chips

Casino chips can be used in almost all the casino game variations ranging from poker to roulette, baccarat and possibly every variant of table and card games. The chips in each of these games represent the players’ bet and are used in place of actual money. Notwithstanding, they have real money values, which are set by the casino to ensure there is complete orderliness. So, a chip valued at £100 is equivalent to a £100 bill, for that reason, you should always treat your casino chips as you would treat your actual money. That way you might reduce your chances of losing big.

Chips or tokens are in general a thing that goes in all types of games within casino and betting. You transfer money (or cryptocurrencies) to the house that exchanges it to chips or tokens or vouchers. Even in sports, there are similar transfers, for example in online cricket betting you are to pay money to the house that holds the winnings while the game finishes.

Casino Chip Colour Types

In terms of colour variations, there are several types of casino colour chips. However, the majority of colours you will probably find at any casino are Red, White, Blue, Yellow and Black. The different colour variations come with different values that players can use to place bets on any kind of casino game accepting casino chips. So, it is possible to use your chips to play at a poker table or even a roulette table if you choose to. And the value of each will remain the same as long as you are still playing at the same casino.

In most cases, the values of each chip are the same across casinos. As a result, you don’t have to worry about memorising the values of each chip colour value every time you visit a new casino. Most times, the blue coloured chip will have the highest value, but in some casinos, the black coloured chip are the highest valued chips. And there is the possibility that you’ll find chips with uncommon colours in some casinos. Although it is important to note that using a chip from a different casino might result in you not get your wins as they might not accept chips from outside the casino.

Additional Information

To curb the fraud of players playing with chips from outside the casino, some brick and mortar casinos embed their chips with UV marking. And some employ the use of the RFID feature, which is a much more advanced approach towards protection against fraud. There are other security measures used by casinos to ensure players cannot cheat the system with fake casino chips or chips from outside the casino. In addition to that, the casino team is always kept up to date with the changes on features used making it more difficult for players to cash in counterfeit casino chips.

Over the years, the gambling world has experienced some changes, and one of those changes in recent times is the collection of casino chips. Today, there are lots of people who partake in collecting casino chips and this “hobby” has gained massive popularity in the gambling industry. As a result, there is now an official association of collectors known as the Casino Chip and Gaming Tokens Collectors Club or CCGTCC, and becoming a member is quite easy. All you need to do is to visit their official website and then, follow the instructions carefully to get started as a casino chip collector.

Final Note

Casino chips are one of the most essential parts of the casino. In the same way money is important to our day to day lives, so are casino chips to playing at any casino, unless you are not planning to play any of the table or card games. As a result, once you are in a casino and you are planning to try your luck at either a poker, baccarat or blackjack games, then your chips are your most prized possessions as long as you are still playing at the casino. Additionally, you can host private poker tournaments with family and friends by purchasing casino chips online.

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