Joker Poker

Joker Poker, which is also known as Joker Wild, is a variation of video poker, which includes a single Joker. This Joker card usually acts as the wild card. This makes the gameplay somewhat different from the common video poker. The advantage of the joker card is that it can substitute any of the other cards to give your hand a better value. In the real sense, the joker card is the strongest in the deck. Although there is a marked difference, the game is still as interesting as video poker and quite easy to understand. Read more about it below.

joker poker

How to Play Joker poker

Just as you have in the common video poker games, you need to obtain the best five-card hand possible. Unlike other poker variations, jokers gold video poker has 53 cards in a deck due to the additional wild card. The process of play is the same with video poker. Immediately when you place your bet, you are required to choose the number of hands you’d like to play at a time. After that is set, you can now select the “Deal” button. This will automatically give you five cards. With this, you have two actions to perform. You can decide to discard the card or hold.

After considering the card you would like to discard, you can select Draw, and you will be given (dealt) new ones by the dealer. You can use the hold option if you do not want to discard any of your cards. So let us consider a scenario in which the joker card comes to play if you are dealt two Kings, 6, 9 and a Joker. Automatically, your pair of kings is now upgraded to three kings, as the Joker now acts as a king. Jokers are wild game cafe and increase your chances of winning big when you play.

Where to Play Joker Poker

There are several online casinos where you can comfortably play Joker poker. However, the one you choose must be officially licensed. If you are a complete beginner, you can start with the Joker poker free online game. The free version allows you to play the game without using your real money. You have the opportunity to make all the mistakes while learning with no risk. You can also use this free version to develop a strategy to help increase your win potential when you finally start playing with real money. Below are some of the trusted online casinos where you can play Joker Poker:

  • 888 Casino
  • Omni Casino
  • Omni Slots

Joker Poker Pay Table

joker poker pay tableThe Joker poker pay table is the summary of the values of card combinations.

It gives players an overview of the payout with specific combinations. Do make sure to check out the pay table of the joker poker before playing. Do not assume all the pay tables are similar. Also, familiarize yourself with the payout for each card combination.

A good way to do that is to play Joker poker free version. A royal flush has a payout of x700 the bet amount. A royal flush is a hand of five cards with the same suit starting from 10 to Ace.

Joker Poker Strategy

Your strategy for Joker Poker understands the free joker poker video games. This is an absolute link and the key to allowing or dropping cards. The core of the Joker Poker strategy is the presence of Joker. This converts the standard 52-card stack into a 53-card stack and creates a new winning combination against Jacks or better or in a no-seat game. This hand, of course, is a five-handed hand that takes second place in the game after a natural Royal Flush. This may seem complicated at first, but far from anything that causes too many headaches. We have a Joker Poker Strategy Chart which gives clear explanation.

With free video joker poker, you should always use strategic charts if you are not sure what decision to make. These diagrams are straightforward. You list the best potential results and should be tracked from top to bottom until you get to the reset option. Joker Poker is played with a Joker, so you need to be at the table during the game. If you have a joker in your hand, follow the “Playing with a Joker” table. If you do not have it, follow the “If you are playing without a joker” table. Always remember two things: never put Pat Royal Flush and never put Joker back.

Best Location Where You Can Find Joker Poker

Four Las Vegas casinos offer better free joker poker slots or 100.65% kings. These are Fiesta Henderson, Boulder Station, Santa Fe Station, and Plaza. The only casino to offer over $ 0.25 in prize money is Plaza. It distributes a car with a face value of $ 0.50. All fully paid machines in the Plaza are coin-operated. Only two casinos in Las Vegas offer two pairs of Joker Poker game with a return of 99.92%. This is Eureka and Westgate Casino. Both of them offer a game for $ 0.25. When SLS Las Vegas opened it offered this game, but the end of the first year it was pulled.

The majority of online casinos does not offer the paid forms of Joker Poker. The best bet is usually a payout table of 99.29%, at which four or 18 as a substitute of 20 are paid out. However, using five quarters, Royal Flush increases to 4700 coins. You can as well have your casino at home. This can be achieved by purchasing a slot machine. An example of the slot machines used is Vegas joker, which you can use at the comfort of your home. The machine is straightforward and easy to use. It will give you a feeling of seating in an actual casino.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Joker Poker is a simple, fun and easy-to-learn game suitable for players of all abilities. This is also one of the more straightforward options found in real casinos and has a high payout percentage of approximately 98%. This game is a recommendation for players who are tired of dealing with classic boys or better and who want to try playing jokers. It is also the perfect middle between Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild, which has four placeholders. Including wildcards changes the game, but at Joker Poker it’s not such a dramatic strategic change. You should try this game and have some good time.

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