Poker Dealer Salary

poker dealer salary

Just like teaching, nursing or any other career, poker dealing is a calling. It can be a prickly career made only for those patient enough to stand challenges and financial tribulations. On the brighter side, working at a casino is a lucrative career that favours smart chaps who know how to play their cards right. In the US, almost 50% of poker dealers earn an estimated, average, yearly salary of around $19,000. Of course, you should expect some to make more and others less. The salary of a poker dealer will differs depending on the casino’s size and the dealer’s rank.

As a casino worker, it’s your job to distribute chips and cards to players, maintain a quality game flow, and watch over the game to ensure no rules are broken. Also, it is your responsibility as a casino croupier to distribute payouts, take bets and guide the players when necessary. Poker dealing has its strict job requirements that everyone must meet to qualify for the position of their choice. Besides age and education requirements, there are some other crucial skills every good poker dealer must possess. These include but are not limited to:

  • Knowing all the casinos and casino games in and out
  • Knowing how to read poker hands and players
  • Being a real lover of poker and other casino games

How Can I Become A Poker Dealer

Getting started as poker dealer doesn’t involve complex training and certifications. Provided you have a high school diploma, all you need is to enroll for the necessary training, which takes 1 -2 months. Once you complete the course and earn the certification, you can then apply for a job in any of the nearby land-based casinos. Quote your preferred croupier salary when applying. However, do be aware that many casinos will already have a blackjack dealer salary range in mind. During the application, you will most likely be required to complete a 15 – 20 minute audition, so be prepared.

Factors Affecting A Croupier’s Salary

Before we look at salaries, let’s answer a very basic question first. What is a croupier? He or she is the person who controls operations at a gambling table and provides players with any help needed. There are various types of croupier jobs. These vary in complexity, and therefore in the salary paid. A croupier’s take-home pay can depend on various factors, including economic growth, the reputation of the casino, and the experience of the croupier. It also depends on the quality of service they deliver to clients, as more professional and skilled croupiers can earn more and bigger tips.

Poker Dealer v Poker Agent

poker dealer vs poker agentWhen talking about casino dealer jobs, we should also briefly mention poker agents, in case there should be any confusion. Poker agents do not normally work for a casino, but having previous casino experience may well be helpful.

Rather they help professional poker players, especially those who have become successful, to create a “brand”. They can also help to find genuine and reputable sponsorship and endorsement opportunities. All of this can help ensure that player’s benefit from a sustainable and regular income, and agents are often paid on a commission basis rather than having a salary.

  • Poker agents help poker players find sponsorship and endorsement deals
  • Unlike poker dealers, agents are often paid on commission
  • Poker dealers are usually paid a salary plus tips

How To Increase My Casino Dealer Earnings

Working as a casino dealer can be fun and flexible. You have the chance to interact with people from different backgrounds every day. You’ve very little to worry about when it comes to your health since you stand and walk a lot, hence keeping you fit. However, chances are high you won’t be satisfied with your casino dealer salary. If given an opportunity, you would ask for a raise. The good news is you can quickly increase your earnings through tips from clients. The trick here is provide excellent service so that players appreciate what you are doing.

What’s the Best Time to Earn More as A Poker Dealer?

Whilst your poker dealer salary is fixed, getting tips depends more on timing. Professional poker dealers consider night shifts to be the most lucrative, since more players are active, giving the potential for greater earnings. They advise against the morning hours since fewer people actively participate in casino games. The chances of carrying home some big tips are also higher during peak seasons. The economy also plays a critical part in determining how much a poker dealer might take home – when the economy is good, there are often more games, tournaments and players, meaning a better chance of tips.


As a poker card dealer, you might take home hundreds of dollars daily in tips or spend a whole week and get none. It all depends on how best you play your cards as well as how professionally you handle your players. Happy players will always seek out your services and give you a tip as appreciation in return. Building a strong relationship with poker players by giving them quality time can see your take home pay increase. Top tip is to keep increasing your skills and knowledge of the poker games and tables to improve your service delivery.

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