Poker Tattoo

Poker tattoos are an art form that is becoming more common among players. However, the main motive behind the poker tattoo for some players may also be to send a message to themselves or others. A poker tattoo can give you the confidence to play outside the box. Having a poker tattoo can remind you that you could win every time you bet, so that winning moment may not be too far away. It can remind you that you might have your best time ahead. Just live your life to the fullest and you will be the winner of the game!

poker tattoo

Poker Chip Tattoos

Many gambling-themed tattoos carry a meaning. A poker chip tattoo has come to represent a love for gambling. But the poker chip may represent more than just a love of gambling; it could also represent the love for life. Poker chips are known as the currency of gambling, but incorporated into a special tattoo design they may represent more than that. They may represent another chance to win the game of life. There are various designs for tattoos of poker chips that players or gamblers wear, and most have hidden meanings and are not just a stamp or a tag printed on the skin.

When you take time to listen to the stories underlining these tattoos, you’ll be astounded at the culture and emotion that lies behind them. There are various reasons behind the rise in popularity of poker chip tattoos. One common one is that it serves as a reminder for previous winning moments. Poker tattoos also serve almost like a credential for players when they are in a casino. Every time players place a bet, their tattoos of poker chips give them belief that success is assured. There are many other poker-themed tattoos and it’s important to understand the hidden meanings before deciding whether or not to get inked yourself.

Forehead Tattoo

forehead tattooA forehead tattoo is not as popular as other tattoos; however, they do occur and can play a significant role in gambling. One of the most famous stories involving a poker-themed tattoo on the forehead actually involved some clever marketing by an online casino.

Back in 2005, the online casino Golden Palace paid a Utah housewife $10,000 to have the company’s logo tattooed across her forehead. Karolyne Smith had created an ebay auction of her forehead as advertising space, and Golden Palace made the highest bid. She upheld her end of the bargain and had inked onto her forehead!

  • In 2005 an online casino paid to have their logo tattooed across a woman’s forehead
  • Forehead tattoos are usually symbolic

Importance of Forehead Tattoos

Choosing to get a forehead tattoo is usually deeply symbolic. Certain tattoos, such as crosses, are commonly used as a forehead tattoo, and will have a different meaning to different groups of people. Choosing to get a poker-themed design tattooed across the forehead is not that common, commercial advertising aside. However, such a tattoo will be deeply symbolic and personal to the wearer. For example, tattoos of decks of cards (on the forehead or elsewhere) may specifically represent a love of gambling, but in more general terms may also be symbolic of someone who is happy to take risks.

Poker Tattoo Designs

There are various designs for poker tattoos. It is also exciting to see that both men and women are getting in on the poker tattoo trend. The body part on which the tattoo is going to be placed will play a part in determining the type of design a player is likely to select. For a start, players will need to choose between black and white designs or coloured designs. Next, players will have to decide on the design itself. Will it be a stand alone symbol, or part of a larger design? Will it be permanently inked or a temporary tat?

As we have mentioned, there are various poker-related images that are more and more commonly being used as part of a poker-themed tattoo. Many of these have a well-known symbolism. We’ve already seen that the poker chip is one of the more popular designs, coming in many different variations. The design might show a stacked form of the chip while in some cases, the single-chip is depicted. Regardless, chips represent a love of gambling. Playing cards commonly feature in poker-themed tattoos. They can symbolise both good and bad luck, fate and fortune depending on the card and combination chosen.

Tattooing Culture among Gamblers

There are many reasons why the culture of tattooing has been growing among casino players. Regardless of gender, the love for this culture is shared across the board. Tattoos are a form of body decoration, however the associations that these images evoke can mean one thing to one person and something completely different to another. Many players go for tattoos based on influence from peers and, in some cases, they are also influenced by role models in the gambling profession. Professional poker players for example, make a living through a mixture of skill and luck. A poker-themed tattoo can represent luck, good fortune and the thrill of the game.

However, for some a poker-themed tattoo may have a very different meaning. There are those for whom gambling is no longer fun and instead it has become an addition with serious consequences. Having a tattoo with a poker or general gambling theme can serve as a powerful reminder that they can beat the addiction. The tattoo culture can be a subtle but influential aspect of the casino world. However, it has to be said that for the vast majority of players, they choose to have a tattoo that incorporates some poker-themed images to encourage Lady Luck to be on their side.

Final Thoughts on Poker Tattoos

Many poker players are joining the community of those that have a tattoo, generally viewing the concept as a form of art. These tattoos may also hold very personal meanings and symbolisms for the wearer. Usually these tattoos are seen as a symbol of good luck and good fortune. A few final tips, for those thinking of getting a poker tattoo: Always make sure that your chosen tattoo parlour is properly licensed. Check that the tattoo artist follows high standards of hygiene, using fresh materials for every client. Finally, ensure your artist is skilled in your chosen style and can really bring your design to life.

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